Sheni Uzo at Molcornem

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Sheni Uzo at Molcornem     On the first full moon night after Shigmo, the remote village of Molcornem in Quepem hosts a unique and ancestral village ritual to celebrate the festival, their founding fathers, and their beliefs. In a fast-changing world defined by the use of modern technology, one may be left bewildered as […]

Mussoll Dance at Cota, Chandor

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Mussoll Dance at Cota, Chandor     At the historical village of Chandor in the Kshatriya (warrior) caste villager’s courtyard this Mussal (pounding mace) march – cum- dance is performed on the second day of Goan Carnival. The dance performed by men who carry ‘Mussal’ – a war weapon in medieval times, is performed with […]

Bonderam – the ‘Festival of Flags’ at Divar Island

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Bonderam – the ‘Festival of Flags’ at Divar Island     It’s the fourth Saturday of August and, as the annual tradition goes, the Island of Divar in Goa comes alive as ‘Bonderam’ is celebrated to usher in ‘Novidade’, which villagers observe as a harvest festival on the next day (Sunday). The first paddy crop’s […]