Goa, the mythological land, reclaimed from the sea by Lord Parshuram has been a cauldron of Communal Harmony since time immemorial.

The richness of heritage bequeathed for posterity by various dynasties, leading to a fusion of its cultures has bestowed on Goa a privilege and reputation as a land where "people respect people". Aptly portrayed through its vivid ethnicity, the festivities of cultures such as feasts, jatras, etc, across the society, - celebrated as one, with warmth and in an amiable environ, encompassing everyone, Goa is the justified destination for all peoples of the world.

For the past few years, I've been documenting these exciting, one-of-a-kind festivities. Though substantial documentation on these ethnic festivities, which have been a part of the social fabric for many centuries, is lacking, most of the information comes from interactions with locals and few publications. I'm always eager to attend various festivals and capture them for posterity, bringing Goa closer to its people - both in Goa and throughout the world. Your informing me of these festivals will be much appreciated and help to contribute to the photographic preservation of Goa's legacy.

I hope these photographs allow you to experience the vibrant colours of Goa and its festivals.


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