Sangodd at Ambelim and Assolna


‘Viva Sangodd’ shout out the banners at the Sangodd (meaning ‘fishing canoes tied together’ in Konkani) at Ambelim and Assolna. This annual event is held by the fishing community to celebrate the feast of St Peter and St Paul on June 29 in Goa and marks the start of the traditional rampon (beach-seine) fishing activity.

The faithful in the villages are convinced that by continuing this tradition, they receive the blessings of God to protect them while out at sea and to get a good catch.

St Peter, the patron saint of fishermen, hailed from the fishing community and was the first Pope of the Catholic church. St Paul, initially tormented the Christians, but after his conversion strove hard to gather disciples for Christ. Hence, both are recognized as the main pillars of the Church with their feast celebrated together.

The two Sangodd start sailing in the afternoon with their departure and arrival times depending upon the tides. One leaves from the banks of the Shooting Stars Sports Club in Coleavaddo, sails along the River Sal, heading towards the Assolna bridge, takes a turn near the Assolna church towards Mobor-Cavelossim upto Betul and then returns a couple of hours later. The other leaves from Banda-Ambelim, making its way through the River Sal, passing Coleavado, Passagem-Assolna, Cavelossim, and then coming back to Banda ward.

On going back home, the villagers recite a litany (prayers) for the souls of fisherment who have died, and then dig into a traditional sumptuous spread of sorpotel, addmass (pork), and pulao including the Goan sweet Atol.

While earlier, musicians played instruments like trumpets, cymbals, etc, now there are singers as well as a sound system installed on the Sangodd singing paeans to the two saints.

Photos by Lynn Barreto Miranda /

Clicked on 29th June 2015.


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