Topshyo: A fiery finale to Shigmo in Fatorpa



Several temples across Goa observe their own sets of rituals and festivities during Holi and Shigmo, and the celebration at the Shri Shantadurga Fatarpekarin temple at Fatorpa is a sight to behold!

On Monday, March 21, 2022, the village and its residents were covered in pink gulal as part of their Gulalotsav festivities, which marked the end of their Shigmo. Topshyo, their own unique festival, culminated in a grand finale with worshippers jumping over fire, some with their children in tow!

Topshyo – which is also the name of the decorated umbrellas the revellers can be seen dancing under on this day – marks the end of past rivalry, differences, and hatred and makes space for a new beginning. There’s a belief that once you run across the fire, you are forgiven for your past wrongdoings and should start afresh.

This new beginning is flagged off with an elaborate ceremony where dry grass, lined up across the road near the temple, is set on fire, and then the devotees proceed to jump over it.

A procession of the idol of the goddess on a decorated palanquin precedes this ceremony, with devotees seeking blessings and dancing to the beat of drums while holding topshyo.

The procession starts at the temple, goes around the pond and the temple, and crosses the holi (fire) to mark the end of Shigmo.

For this village in Quepem, Shigmo is spread over a few days, wherein they celebrate Navami, Gade, Sutak, Dindya Bhovar, Diwja, Sotryo, and Topshyo.

During this time, the villagers also apply gulaal to each other, and though they use multiple colours, pink is given the utmost priority, so much so that it seems like the whole place is bathed in the colour.