Gadyaanchi Jatra of Poinguinim

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Gadyaanchi Jatra of Poinguinim The festival of Gadyaanchi Jatra, which happens once in three years at Poinguinim, a village in Canacona is celebrated in the name of Shri Betal who is the most feared and highly revered deity of Poinguinim and its neighbourhood. The first year (of the third year) a ritual called ‘Jevnni’ is […]

Three Kings Feast at Cansaulim

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Three Kings Feast at Cansaulim     The traditional feast of Epiphany popularly known as Three Kings or Magi feast is celebrated on 6th January at Cansaulim, Chandor in south Goa and Reis Magos in north Goa. The feast of the three kings commemorates a journey undertaken by three wise men nearly 2000 years ago […]

Colva’s Fama: Where thousands seek miracles from Menino Jesus

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Colva’s Fama: Where thousands seek miracles from Menino Jesus Thousands of devotees will throng the 400-year-old Our Lady of Merces church for the grand ‘Colva Fama’ to seek the blessings of Menino (Infant) Jesus tomorrow October 17, 2016. The fama mass will be celebrated at 5.30am after which the Infant Jesus statue is brought out […]

Konnsanchem Fest (Harvest Festival)

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Konnsanchem Fest (Harvest Festival)     The Harvest Festival is celebrated all over the world in different ways and our little state is no exception. In Goa, the festival is celebrated in almost all villages as a sign of gratitude to the Almighty for bestowing the farmers with a bountiful harvest. Steeped in history – […]

Chikhal Kalo: An expression of joy

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Chikhal Kalo: An expression of joy     Many Goan festivals are linked to the cycles of nature and it isn’t surprising that the monsoon is an occasion to celebrate chikhal kalo, literally mud play. The Chikhal Kalo is unique to the village of Marcel, in the taluka of Ponda. Celebrated on the twelfth day […]

Sangodd at Ambelim and Assolna

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Sangodd at Ambelim and Assolna   ‘Viva Sangodd’ shout out the banners at the Sangodd (meaning ‘fishing canoes tied together’ in Konkani) at Ambelim and Assolna. This annual event is held by the fishing community to celebrate the feast of St Peter and St Paul on June 29 in Goa and marks the start of […]

Touxeachem Fest at Telaulim

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Touxeachem Fest at Telaulim Touxeachem Fest, which translates to ‘Cucumber Feast’, is celebrated with religious fervour and age-old rituals at St Anne’s (Santana) Church in Telaulim, near Goa Velha. Over many generations, this picturesque village in Tiswadi has attracted thousands of devotees from across the state. Grandparents Day is celebrated on July 26th all around […]

Cumbarjua Ganesh Sangodd

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Cumbarjua Ganesh Sangodd     On the seventh day of Ganesh Chaturthi, the verdant banks of the Cumbarjua canal come alive with music, fireworks, and floats on boats. The occasion is the traditional ‘Sangodd’, on which residents of Marcel and Cumbarjua take their Ganesh idols for immersion in the river on flotillas of boats tied […]

Tripurari Poornima Boat Festival at Sanquelim

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Tripurari Poornima Boat Festival at Vithalapur, Sankhali (Sanquelim)     ‘Tripurari Pournima’ is celebrated on the fifteenth day of the first fortnight of the Hindu month of Kartika. The festival that symbolises the victory of good over evil is also called the Kartiki Pournima. Legend says that the demon king Tripurasur had been harassing the […]

Candolim Sangodd along Sinquerim River

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Candolim Sangodd along Sinquerim River Honouring Saints Peter and Paul     A large crowd of people gathers in Orda, on the northern bank of the Sinquerim river, which meanders languidly south of Candolim, to celebrate the annual Sangodd, which marks the feast of Saints Peter and Paul on June 29. A substantial percentage of […]