Goa, the mythological land, reclaimed from the sea by Lord Parshuram has been a cauldron of Communal Harmony since time immemorial.

The richness of heritage left for posterity by the various dynasties, leading to a fusion of its cultures has bestowed on Goa a privilege & reputation on today's Goa, - as a land where "people respect people". Aptly portrayed through its vivid ethnicity, the festivities of cultures such as feasts, jatras, etc, across the society, - celebrated as one, with warmth and in an amiable environ, enveloping everyone, Goa is the justified destination for all peoples of the world.

I have been documenting these thrilling festivities, unique to the world for the past few years. Though much documentation is unavailable on these festivities, celebrated ethnically over the last many century, as part of their social fabric, much of the information is through interaction with the local people, and some articles. I'm always keen to visit the various festivities and document them for posterity, and bring Goa closer to its peoples - in Goa and world wide. Your informing me of festivities lesser known to the people, shall be most welcome. Please help to save the heritage of Goa through Photographs.

Hoping you experience the colours of Goa and its festivities through these photographs.

Goan Festivals